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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Wednesday 24th February

Welcome Video

Welcome Video Wed

Daily Plan 

Early Morning work






Maths Video Wed

Additional activity ( optional) 




Features of a castle English week 1

Introduction to the lesson.

Read the next part of the text with me below.

Next page of Rapunzel

Additional English task ( optional)
Describe Rapunzel's Tower which has been taken from our book. Do you notice any features that we looked at this morning that you would find in castles? Any similarities/ differences?

Phonics el and le

Session 1

Connected Curriculum 
Finish your designs on castles from this morning. This afternoon I would like you to start building your castle out of different materials. You can make it however you like, 3D, painting - whatever you have to make it. Happy making! I can't wait to see them. 
Daily story
Today our story is being read by Mrs Munday. 

mrs Munday term 4 wk1