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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Wednesday 27th January

Daily Plan and Extra Information 
Morning video

Morning video 27.01


Complete the questions above independently and ask an adult if you need help reading the questions. Completing the questions independently will show you what you may need more practise with and what you have good knowledge of. 

Once you have completed the questions, correct them with an adult and then work out which areas you need extra work in. Have a go at some activities on the areas you need extra work in on 'numbots' and then practise your number bonds on 'hit the button' if you have time. 

Have a go at the treasure or just answer the questions as an extension task if you have time. 

phonics 27.01

Once you have engaged with the phonics video then please look at the oxford owl website and have a look at today's sound '-ay' under the level 4 books. This link should direct you to the page:

username: rabbitswoodchurch

password: Rabbits01

Have a think about what might be happening in the picture, where are they and how might they be feeling? The page is interactive so click on the icons on the picture to here the words with the '-ay' sound. 

In level 4 we will be comparing the sounds to the 'same sound different spelling' sounds that we come across in level 3. 

Daily Story

daily story 27.01