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Woodchurch CE Primary School

Compassion Hope Forgiveness Thankfulness Love


Wednesday 3rd February

Colour Nature Day!

Welcome Video Wednesday

Daily plan
Worship Link

Maths - Wednesday 3.2.21 FB4

Maths - Wednesday 3.2.21 drawing 2D shapes

Intro and walk through the tasks.

Optional Maths

Persuasive letter planning lesson

Additional Task

Complete your common exception word activities. 


Phonics ci ce cy reading focus session

PSHE - Well being Wednesday
This week's Well-being Wednesday involves a nature walk!


Spelling Lesson

Year 2 Spelling: gn and kn

Miss Running leads this week's spelling session on the 'n' sound with kn and gn at the beginning of words, work alongside her until 8:30.

Read this text after your spelling activities.

Daily Story

This animated, wordless story is about Gratitude. 

Short Gratitude Story for Kids Help Others Value humanity and Time