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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Computing Curriculum Intent Statement



At Woodchurch CE Primary School it is our intent that our computing curriculum will enable children to become confident in finding, analysing, exchanging and presenting information.  That they will be provided with the skills to use their computational thinking and creativity to better understand and make changes to the world they will live in.  Our aim is to deliver a coherent and sequenced curriculum that will equip children to use information technology in a variety of forms to create programs, systems and a range of content.   Children will learn to use the internet safely and responsibly, as they become digitally literate.  We aim for them to be critical and active participants online, ready for the next steps in their education.



Our computing curriculum is delivered in a variety of ways.  Information technology, Programming and Digital Literacy will be covered throughout the school  through the Cornerstones topics and Purple Mash. Technology is also used to enhance learning in the core subjects of maths, English and science.  In addition to this,  we use programmable robots (Lego WeDo, Beebots and Probots)  to ensure children understand algorithms and how to program and debug a sequence of instructions.  The children have access to Chromebooks and to Chrome tablets.  Pupils also have access to a range of learning platforms linked to spelling, maths and reading. Other hardware to measure light, sound and temperature is also used across the curriculum.

E safety is a constant focus along with regular communication to parents via the school twitter feed and parent mail.  The school also takes part  in Safer Internet Day each February.  We have pupils who are Digital Leaders within the school and who have an area of responsibility. 

Through our Purple Mash platform we ensure progression through the key stages.  The achievement of each year group is assessed against 'I can statements' for each unit and then a summative assessment using the school format.



We aim for our pupils to be aware of the difference between being a digital consumer and a digital creator. For them to make safe and informed choices in their use of technology in the future and to be critical consumers.  Also, for them to be aware of the role technology may play in their future.


 “Success today requires the agility and drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react, and reinvent.”

Bill Gates


Well done to our Digital Leaders for leading our Safer Internet Day 2024. 

We had an inspirational and interesting day learning how technology changes, how we can be influenced online and how to stay in control and keep ourselves safe online.

Hi, our names are Sophia and North and we are this year's digital leaders. We have various jobs to do with technology and E-safety. We will be posting various updates throughout the year around our activities and keeping people safe online. laugh​​​​​​​

Hello everyone, it's Sophia and North. We hope you are all doing well and would just like to say don’t forget to stay safe!

Term 3

Over the last few terms Year 6 have been learning about blogging,internet safety and coding this means that we are equipped for the future and as digital leaders we are preparing for safer internet day which is on the 6th of February. Maybe you can too?yes