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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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“Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind,

flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”   




Our Music Curriculum Intent


At Woodchurch CE Primary School, we believe that music inspires creativity, enriches the soul and builds confidence and community spirit.  We aim to encourage a lifelong love of music by exposing children to a range of musical opportunities and allowing them to explore a wide variety of genres, historical periods and traditions.  Children develop their skills as musicians and express themselves through music, both individually and together.  They will learn to do this by:


  • listening to and evaluating a wide range of music
  • understanding how music is created
  • singing and using their voices
  • learning a musical instrument
  • creating and composing music on their own and with others



How we implement the Music Curriculum


The music curriculum in Years 1-6 is taught through the Charanga music programme.  This engaging and interactive resource provides a structured music curriculum, as well as a vast library of resources, songs and instrumental courses designed to ensure the step by step progression of skills and knowledge.  Links are drawn between the music curriculum and termly topics to enrich understanding in a wider context. 


Children are taught the different elements of music and terminology in lessons, so that they can respond to and describe pieces of music that they both hear and compose.  They play untuned percussion instruments to explore rhythm, beat and tempo and learn tuned instruments, such as the recorder, ocarina and ukulele, to understand pitch and melody.  Musical notation is taught from Year 3 onwards.


Singing is also a vital part of music education at Woodchurch CE Primary School.  As well as learning songs in class, children take part in weekly singing assemblies and also have opportunities to perform to the wider community throughout the year.  Other options to engage with music are available through the Rocksteady programme and after-school clubs.



Impact of our Music Curriculum


Children’s learning and progress in music will be monitored and assessed throughout their time at Woodchurch CE Primary School to ensure that National Curriculum standards are met and that music is enriching children’s education as fully as possible.


By the time children leave Woodchurch CE Primary School, they will have gained the musical skills and knowledge to enable them to access music in all its forms.  They will have developed the creativity, confidence and curiosity to continue exploring their musical passions and potential through secondary school and beyond.


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