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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Year 1 

Friday 8th September


The children were really excited to get started with their PE/sport lessons for the year . We started the session with some basic moving games with jumps turns and different speeds all demonstrating good listening skills. We then moved onto a couple activities from the early years sports activity plans. Firstly, practicing bouncing large plastic balls and catching them then bouncing and moving around, we finished by moving onto using tennis balls as a progression. Our end game was target practice/bowling trying to knock over cones with our tennis ball.



Friday 15th September


We started with warm up games Cones and domes . One team have to correct the cones to upright whilst the other team are turning them upside down. We started the main sessions with the tennis balls again , this time seeing how far we could throw them using under and over arm . Our main activity was in pairs with a bib standing side by side one child threw the bib as far as they could whilst the other tried to catch up with it before it hit the floor . We then changed rolls and changed partners and finished off with a similar game involving up to ten players.

Friday 22nd September 


After two weeks of introduction to Pe with ball skills and movement, Rabbits started there sports specific sessions with Football. 


The session started with a invasion game chasers and tails, avoiding the chaser who was attempting to steal the children's bibs. They moved on to dribbling in a large space and then in and out of cones. The session finished with King/queen of the ring where players had to keep there ball inside a area while other players were trying to tackle them and remove there ball from the grid. 

Friday 29th September