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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Welcome to MFL at Woodchurch!



Our Intent 

At Woodchurch, we utilise Language Angels' French scheme of work, which is designed to foster a love for language learning and an appreciation of other cultures. It provides opportunities for our students to develop the confidence to effectively communicate in French for practical purposes, encompassing both written and spoken French.


Through this scheme of work, our objective is to provide students with a solid foundation for language learning, encouraging and enabling them to apply their language skills to the acquisition of other languages. This approach also helps them develop a robust understanding of the English language, facilitating future studies and opening doors to opportunities, while igniting their aspirations to study and work in other countries in the future.


Language Angels' Primary French scheme of work supports our students in meeting the attainment targets of the national curriculum for Key Stage 2.




Although Languages are mandatory for KS2 only, EYFS and KS1 children are always excited to be introduced to new languages and as a school we aim to inspire pupils in EYFS and KS1 through introducing them to songs and simple vocabulary in languages as and when they are relevant across the curriculum and into everyday school life. 


As an active member of the Tenterden Rural Alliance (TRA) we have worked closely with Homewood School and Sixth Form College and our partner primary schools to develop a common KS2 language programme. Through implementing a programme to teach languages at Woodchurch, there is a clear and coherent pillar to enable progression in the curriculum across the school from phonics, to vocabulary and grammar. 



Through implementing the above, our children in EYFS and KS1 become familiar with simple, key vocabulary and phrases before starting their language learning in KS2. Children's language learning in KS2 then progresses onto grammar and forming sentences which intern supports and builds our children's conversational abilities. This way we can be confident that when our children leave us to join their secondary school they will have a firm foundation in learning languages and are prepared for languages in KS3. We strive for our children to build a love for learning languages that they choose to continue studying languages once they become optional in their secondary schools and ensure that our children are able to comprehend the relevance languages have in their lives. Moreover, we also warrant our languages curriculum to allow our pupils to feel successful in their learning.  

Year 6 French Learning Wall