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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Maths Curriculum Intent Statement


At Woodchurch CE Primary School, we believe that mathematics is an integral tool for everyday life and is ingrained in a multitude of areas.  It is a whole network of concepts and relationships which provide a way of viewing and making sense of the world. It is used to analyse and communicate information and ideas and to tackle a wide range of practical tasks and real life problems enabling children to have high aspirations for their future in a variety of sectors.


Mathematics is an essential part of our broad and balanced curriculum that is both challenging and reasonable. Our Mathematics Curriculum aims to deliver a mastery approach to learning which is underpinned by the three main aims of the National Curriculum; fluency, reasoning and problem solving.  All learners become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics therefore being able to reason and solve problems through the application of their mathematical understanding . 


Mathematical learning at Woodchurch CE Primary places emphasis on the cumulative mastery of essential knowledge and skills in mathematics in order for children to shine. We aim to embed a deeper understanding of learning by utilising a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach. This allows children to ensure they understand clearly what they are doing, why they are doing it and how this can be used and apply to solve other problems or in other aspects of their learning.


Our Mathematics Curriculum ensures steady progression through a coherent and sequenced journey of learning throughout each child’s time at Woodchurch CE Primary School. This in turn, prepares children for each stage of their education, ensures their full potential is reached and enables children to foster a passion for maths.


‘Mathematics is the most beautiful and the most powerful creation of the human spirit.’


Stefan Banach





If you are looking at ways to support your child in the learning of multiplication facts, please see the following document which lists various websites and which age group they are suitable for. 

Multiplication Websites

'How To' Guides

Check out the following guides if you would like some information on how to support your child at home with their learning.