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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Term 4

Liam - Year 2 


Tennis and Tri-golf 

Friday 23rd February


We started the session in small groups working on ball tracking, catching and throwing . 


We moved onto challenging groups to come up with their highest sequence of continuous catches in there groups with different rules . One hand catches week hand throws under arm over arm etc 


Next we worked on racket control with a sponge balls balancing one racket guiding into area or towards a partner to catch. 


We finished the session in pairs striking the ball to our partner for them to catch . The partners then threw the ball to be hit back again. 



Friday 1st March



We started the lesson in the hall to do our warm up and recap the shots we had learnt last week.

We then moved outside and in groups of three a server threw the ball to a player with a racket who had to hit the ball to the spare player . The spare player could move positions. The catcher then became the server . 

We took it in turns to be the player striking the ball. 

We then added a second player with a racket so one player served the ball the two players with a racket then tried to build a rally . 


The final part of the session we were in groups of four . One player with a racket had three goes to serve a ball into a box while the rest of the team were in the box trying to catch the ball . If the ball landed in the box the player with a racket scored the point if it didn't or the team caught the ball they got the point . 


Thanks see you next week 

Friday 8th March


Friday 15th March


We started the session with team building games. With different rules and themes  that needed to be included in the games . Scoring/numbers , countries/places, food etc. We changed one player per group every ten minutes so each student had to lead and to be taught to by there peers . 



The second part of the session we split into two groups.  A putting group and a striking group. Moving a target cone further away once getting success. 

Friday 22nd March


We had a slightly rain interrupted sport session 


We started the session outside using one of the golf warm ups . The areas were split into water the green the bunker and on command children had to run to one of the said golf areas.  Then the rain came down and we did a 10 minute joe wick fitness session . 


We attempted to go back outside but the heavens opened . So we finished the sessions with striking and putting in the hall.