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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Squirrel Class

Welcome to Squirrel Class!

Year 5 Team

Class Teacher: Mr Brabner

Teaching Assistants: Miss Head, Mrs Stopes and Mrs Priest


This term (4) PE will be on Mondays.




What we've been up to since September 2023:

Learning Overview for Term 4


Our Class: 


In Squirrel Class everyone is celebrated for being themselves. We are friendly, polite and always happy to try new things!


This term, we're diving into the cool topic of "Sow, Grow, Farm," where we get to explore nature, agriculture, and how things grow from seeds to full-on harvests.


Maths Fun: We follow the White Rose scheme. In maths, we're tackling multiplication, division, and fractions. We're making numbers come alive with fun challenges using the website Nrich that shows how these concepts are part of our everyday lives.


Language Arts Adventures: English class is all about creativity! We're writing engaging stories using third person narratives and mastering the art of explanation texts. It's all about expressing ourselves clearly and having fun with words.


Science Explorations: Science is a journey this term as we uncover the secrets of lifecycles – birth, growth, change, and how things make more of themselves. Nature is pretty amazing, and we're here to discover it together.


Artistic Vibes: Get ready to channel your inner artist! In art class, we're exploring the works of Picasso and trying out some line art.


Parents and Teachers Team-Up: We believe in teamwork between home and school. If you have any questions or thoughts, we're here for you. Let's work together to make this a great experience for your child.


Exciting Term Ahead: As we roll through Term 3, expect cool projects, fun activities, and maybe a surprise or two. Let's make learning an adventure that everyone will remember!


Thanks for trusting us to guide your child's learning journey. Here's to a term filled with growth, curiosity, and lots of fun in Squirrel Class!


Squirrel Class Teaching Team 🐿️