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Woodchurch CE Primary School

Compassion Hope Forgiveness Thankfulness Love


Flourish Together Federation

Woodchurch Church of England Primary and High Halden CEP School officially federated on 23rd January 2023 after a number of years of informal collaboration.  We are very proud of our two schools that make up the Federation. They are both Church of England village schools situated in beautiful rural Kent, both surrounded by outstanding views of the countryside and both of which form the heart and soul of their respective villages. Our Schools provide a caring, supportive environment for children to develop a love of learning and respect and understanding for others.


Our vision is that all pupils will journey together so that can live life in all its fullness and flourish.   Life in all its fullness means that we live a varied and full life full of learning, growing, caring and shining with each other. At school we aim to help each other to learn how to do this.  It is not always easy to live life in this way and so we help each other with the challenges that come along the way.  As a Church of England School we also look to Jesus to help and guide us.


Each child is treated as an individual, with individual needs and abilities, and everyone is encouraged to try to achieve their best and to have high aspirations. 


We hope our website provides you with a valuable insight into our schools and gives you all the information that you are looking for. If you require further details, please feel free to contact either school directly.


We share a single Governing Body across the two schools. You can find out more about of Governing Body here.