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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Football Academy

Wednesday 20th September 


Football Academy

Everyone involved in the Football Academy has now been given a football badge that they will need to wear to school everyday. This is so that Teachers know who is in the academy so that they are able to give out RESPECT letters around school. Today all the children were also given a new RESPECT booklet that they will also have to have in school everyday to earn their letters. These are solely the responsibility of the children and if they are lost, they will not be given a new one until the next term. Well done to Zach, in year 6 who was voted to be our Academy Captain by the other children. We have had some new children start this term, which is amazing. Our aim is this year is to make it bigger and better!

Today we looked at regaining and keeping possession of the ball, looking at our speed and ball control. We then looked at using our team players to pass the ball down the pitch to score a goal. All the children did so well, not only with their effort and attitude, but also listening. This is so important to get the most out of the activities. Well done everyone.

Well done to Tyler and George today who were given their first letter, S for showing good sportsmanship by praising each others efforts in their PE lesson today.

Keep up the good work!

Wednesday 27th September 

The children involved in the football academy have been given the opportunity to enter a football tournament next week. This was offered to everyone on a first come first serve basis. There are too many in the academy for us to be able to take everyone, but for those who aren’t involved this time, please don’t worry we will be looking to enter some more and arrange a few friendly matches. Everyone will get a turn.

Today everyone re visited what positive behaviour is expected outside of the academy when on a football pitch, not only with the opposition in mind, but also towards our own team players for the most effective outcome. We had a look at formations and maintaining a shape throughout the game so that as players we are spread out ready to receive a pass and not bunch around the ball. We then looked at different ways of taking a goal kick, who best to take a throw in and a free kick at different areas of the pitch. The children did really well today. They are excited for the tournament and know what is expected of them to represent our school and academy.

Well done to Tyler, who earned the letter E for adapting his skills to include those needing extra support on the pitch. To Zach, who has earned the letter C. Despite being the only boy attending the academy in his year today, and his friends playing their own game of football, he chose to continue to participate and practice with his group. Lastly, to Frankie who also earned the letter E in PE, for supporting another student who needed a little bit of extra help and encouragement to stay involved and focused in the lesson.

Another great week!

Miss Thompson x