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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Year 4 Football Academy

Football Academy week 1!
Our first session was an introduction into ‘playing the right way’. We looked at positive and negative behaviours displayed whilst playing football and looked at ways of changing those negatives into positives. The children had some really good ideas and could see how easy negative behaviours can spoil the game and why we should encourage positive football related behaviour. The children have come home with a code of conduct to go through with you and sign, (year 4 also have a question sheet to answer) they will need to bring this back next week please.
Next week we are looking at picking teams fairly. I cannot wait! Well done everyone!

Thank you,
Miss Thompson

Football Academy week 2
Today's session was all practical based with a focus on equality and fairness through balanced teams. We discussed the importance of picking teams fairly and trialed 2 different methods of picking teams. Firstly, we lined up in order of birth months, followed by height order and gave out numbers 1 and 2 alternating down the line before playing a match. Each time different teams were produced and all children displayed the same behaviour, supporting each other and being good sportsman. The children have to come up with their own method of picking teams fairly that they will share with the group next week, before looking at respect for team mates opposition.

Miss Thompson

Football Academy week 3
Yesterday’s Football Academy was another practical session, we began by selecting equal teams using methods that the children had come up with from last week. We had 2 great methods put forward by Adam and Frankie, which we put into practice. Before our first game we spoke about respectfully shaking hands with the opposition and when this should be done. We looked at playing fairly during the games by making sure passes were made to all the team and not just keeping the ball to ourselves. This week, I have seen a great improvement in the way the children treat each other during a game, which was so nice to see. The children have come home with a sheet to fill in which needs to be returned next week, when we will be looking at accepting the officials decision. Keep up the good work year 4!