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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Term 3

Liam - Year 3 


Football & Badminton

Friday 5th January

We started the session with some basic warm up and movement games where the children were involved in coming up with body parts we need to warm up for football and how we can warm those part up.

We moved onto to Dribbling the ball building up the use of each surface of the foot , inside, outside, laces and sole . Then set up some dribbling challenges.

Our main activity was a football circuit.
In groups of four there were four activities .

1.A passing competition knocking the ball off a cone keeping score against there friend .
2.A pass set shoot excersize . Children took it in turns to be the shooter, the set player(midfielder ) and the goalie
3.Children dribbled through cones for close control then went through two gates further apart to be able to increase their speed.
4. Keepy uppy challenge. Children were taught three different versions of keepy up to practice and beat there own score.

We finished the session with some small competitions against each other .

See you next week!
Liam ⚽️
PE coach

Friday 12 January

We did a activation warm up which was led by the pupils choosing what exercise they thought would prepare them for football. 

We then had a football each and dribbled in small area practicing close control. 

Our main activity was in groups of 5 in a square one player had a ball and had to dribble to the other players and try and tag them whilst keeping control of the ball. We moved onto to two players being the chasers. 

The next progression was one chaser with a ball trying to tag the other players who were passing and dribbling one ball between the four of them the chaser could only tag the player who had the ball . 

We finished with three small games running simultaneously where the players were in teams of three. 


Have a great weekend see you next week. 


PE Coach 

Friday 19th January

I wasn't able to be at school this week so the session was run by another sport coach called Ben. 


He completed the following activities with the children: 

-Pac-Man warm up

-Cross if you dare (basically bulldog but with a ball)

-ship, shark, shore dribbling game

-4 team mini tournament trying to work on when to dribble and when to pass


See you next week. 


Friday 26th January

Badminton session 


Students were set into pairs and tried to throw the shuttle into a hoop. 

We then had a competition in our pairs who got it in the hoop the most . 


We then progressed to balancing the shuttle on a our racquet and flicking it into the hoop . Again added competion . 

We moved on to a forehand serve holding the shuttle in front of us aiming for the hoop again . 

We progressed to one of the pair in the hoop and the other player had to serve the shuttle to them . Each pair getting a point for each successful catch. 


We finished the session with a overhead smash . One partner throwing the shuttle up then other players smashing the shuttle as far as possible . 



Friday 2nd February 

We started the session with a warm up where the children did excersizes that they think they would use in badminton . 


We then recapped what shots we learnt last week. 

The overhead smash , a serve and a forehand return. 


We moved onto to learning the backhand. 


We finished the session by both players having a raquet and practicing a ralley. 


The children did really well.