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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Our Governing Body

A message from the Chair of Governors

Welcome to the Woodchurch Governors’ Page. Here you will find information on who we are, what we do and why it matters and how you can become a member of the Governing Body.

All the Governors here at Woodchurch CE Primary are extremely passionate about the children in our school and the education they receive. We want to ensure the best teaching, the best opportunities and the best experiences to enable each child to become an independent and collaborative learner and a participating member of our community. We work extremely closely with the staff and the leadership of the school in order to support them to deliver an education second to none. We regularly challenge and question to ensure that the school is moving forward in the right direction for all its children and staff.


Who we are:

As Governors, we come from all walks of life, each bringing different experiences and skills to ensure we have a balanced and capable team, working for and supporting each child and member of staff.


The Role of the Governing Board

Our primary role to ensure the quality of education provision and to act as the accountable body for the school.  We take a strategic role by agreeing, monitoring and approving school policies, targets and priorities for the years ahead, putting the children at the heart of all of this.  The board is made up from elected parent governors, staff governors (including the EHT) and other governor types who have been nominated by the board (co-opted governor), Church (foundation governor) or Local Authority (LA governor).  Together, the board is held accountable by the national government for:

  • Ensuring the clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction of Woodchurch
    • Who are we, what are the values of our school and how can we make it better?
  • Holding the school leaders to account for the educational performance and progress of the school.
    • How well is Woodchurch doing?  Should/ could it be better?  Are the pupils and staff being given every possible opportunity to develop and learn?
  • We oversee the financial management of the school ensuring that the money is well spent.
    • Does the school make the most of the money it has?


How we do it:

The full Governing Board meets at least once a term to discuss, challenge and question how the school is performing against the school plan and its priorities which is agreed with us at the start of each new school year. We receive regular attainment and progress reports, review resourcing and agree policies and procedures.


Our role is not a ‘doing’ role but a ‘thinking’ one and our meetings focus on making sure that Woodchurch’s Senior Leadership Team’s have what they need for the school to deliver the best possible education for our pupils and to understand and check the progress being made in delivering this throughout the school year.   Day-to-day running of Woodchurch sits with its Senior Leadership Team with the Governing Board providing support and oversight. We are also expected to keep ourselves up to date with the (frequent) changes in government education policy and to regularly attend training courses so that we have all the skills we need to support the school.


To support our strategic role, the governors carry out termly visits to the school to look at different aspects of school life and to check how the policies we discuss and approve at the board meetings, are being implemented in practice.  This not only gives our governing team valuable practical understanding of how the school is performing but also gives us the opportunity to see how the (sometimes dry) paperwork we approve comes to life as our staff help the children to grow, learn and thrive.  Some governors will work alongside subject leaders to conduct book scrutinies or observe learning environments and how they are used; others will check the safeguarding or leadership aspects of the school. These visits give us first-hand evidence of how the Leadership Team are implementing the plan for the school and can see how the children are living out our school values which are so important to the ethos of Woodchurch.


We also have an outward-facing role in helping to create, improve and support links between the school, the parents and the Woodchurch village community; a thriving school is right at the heart of the village.  So, you’ll be able to find Governors at the school gates, helping at school events and forging links across our local community.


It’s a privilege to be able to serve our school community; the role of school governor is an incredibly rewarding one to play in the life of the school, especially seeing its pupils flourish as a result of the work of our amazing school team. We’re always very happy to talk about the ways in which the school can continue to develop in the future and if you’re as passionate as we are about the future of our school and would like to become involved in its governance, please get in touch with the school office or email us directly using .