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Woodchurch CE Primary School

Compassion Hope Forgiveness Thankfulness Love









In English this term we will continue looking at Stig of the dump in order to develop our writing. We will identifying the grammatical features of a postcard, learning the skills we need before writing our own. 


After that we will be looking at newspaper articles , including adding direct speech, and even writing cinquain poems! 


Through all of this we will be developing our use of a range of sentence types and coordinating and subordinating  conjunctions.








This term we will  continue working on addition and subtraction of numbers in the  1s, 10s and 100s before moving on to multiplication and division.   .





Connected Curriculum (Through the Ages)

The main part of this project is to learn about prehistory, where we delve into how people lived during the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron age. The children will learn the timelines of each period as well as looking at some fascinating artefacts and archaelogical studies. I am excited to make prehistoric pots with the children, based on those of the Beaker folk. 


As well as this, in our mini projects we will be learning about the earth, the skeletal and muscular systems. 







In Term 2  we begin learning about Sikhism. We will be looking at what is important to Sikhs and how their stories impact on life today.


As we approach Christmas we will also be learning about how Christians prepare for Christmas during advent. 






This term we will be learning Netball and Dance.   






This term’s unit is “Don’t forget to let love in!” where we will be learning ways in which we can best love each other and ourselves.